How can I help you get the right equipment?


There are considerable quantities of secondhand equipment available, at least some of which is not really worthy of the term "pre-loved" for any number of reasons, but which are not normally quoted as the real reason for disposal.  Additionally, there are many suppliers of new equipment, many of whom do a wonderful job of welding, but unfortunately have no direct experience of brewing, and so copy designs which are reputed to work, and, with a bit of TLC will work, but could do a better job, or be easier to work with. 


Having years of experience working with large breweries, and the associated supplying companies, as a "hands on" production and packaging manager, and as the person specifying new, or modifications to existing equipment, and then commissioning it, I can help you meet best practices, such as:


  • Cleaning and sanitisation processes, and simple means of validation  
  • CIP set design, and use of appropriate cleaning materials
  • Pipeline sizes, flowrates in tanks, pipes and heat exchangers for optimal cleaning
  • Tank sizing
  • Tank fittings
  • Pump and valve selection
  • Filtration equipment and procedures
    • Kieselguhr
    • Cartridge for liquids or gasses
  • Instrumentation
  • Piping flow diagrams
  • Welding quality
  • Access for maintenance and hygiene



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