• Brewing and packaging management roles, in breweries and packaging sites, with day to day operational experience from malt intake, through brewing, fermentation, maturation and filtration, and packaging in cask, keg, bottle and can. 

  • Auditing processes to identify potential improvements, and proposing effective solutions.

  • Carrying out trials on new equipment or processes.

  • Recipe development and maintenance.

  • IBD examination and microbrewery start-ups.


Internal consultancy

"Internal brewing consultant" for a multinational company, part of the role being to help breweries in the UK, Europe, North Africa and India progress towards "Best Practice" equipment and processes.  Areas covered during this period include:

  • CIP systems, and associated changes to process plant throughout brewing and packaging

  • Brewhouse turnaround, extract efficiency and wort boiling improvements

  • Yeast culture plant  

  • Filter room commissioning and training

  • Trials for novel methods of reduction of bulk beer transport costs

  • Yeast and barm ale recovery improvements

  • Wort oxygenation

  • Keiselguhr free (cross flow) filtration systems appraisal



Liaising between brewery and suppliers specialising in mechanical, electrical and software control of projects, to develop cost effective, practical solutions. Ensuring the new process is controlled correctly, and is simple to use. Providing staff technical training for brewing and packaging processes, appropriate to new equipment, or for general education.  Projects include: 


  • Filter room and BBT upgrades, including automation of Kieselguhr and PVPP filters, sterile gas filtration, High Gravity Beer dilution & carbonation, both pre BBT and post BBT on transfer to packaging lines   

  • Packaging line beer supply, including pasteurisation and associated CIP processes

  • Tanker loading & offloading

  • Centrifuge operations

  • Yeast culture plant capacity increase and automation

  • Yeast cropping systems



  • Master Brewer, Institute of Brewing & Distilling

  • Diploma in Training Management, Institute of Training & Development (now IPD)


Contact:  dickmurton@aol.com

Mob 44 (0)7527 719 609