Consultancy services


I offer the following core services to help from planning through to commissioning to ensure that the equipment design is appropriate, hygienic and easy to use, and installed correctly.

  • Advice on choice of brewing and packaging equipment, both new and second hand.
  • Brewery equipment lay-out, piping and associated necessary services.
  • Contacts with suppliers of raw materials, cleaning agents and brewing equipment.
  • Recipe formulation.
  • Commissioning of brewing and packaging plant plant, inclusing trial brews and packaging runs.
  • Training staff to operate the brewery, and perhaps more importantly, underlying theoretical knowledge.
  • Technical support to help ensure quality and consistency are maintained.



Where equipment is already in use, but perhaps not performing as well are expected, I can audit, make recommendations and help implement these, for example -   


  • Extract and turnaround times 
  • Carbonation systems
  • Cleaning, both manual and CIP (Cleaning In Place)
  • Fining and filtration processes, both for gases and liquids (water, beer, cider)
  • Shelf life improvement
  • Oxygen control



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